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Post  Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:23 am

1. We play SIM baseball! If it don't happen in real life it should NOT happen in the league!

2. No throwing to first base from the outfield to get the batter out on a base hit.

3. This is balls and strikes league. There's NO limit to how far outside the zone a pitch can be..

4. For all those who don't understand what SIM baseball means as far as running the bases, here is what we mean, for example....
There will be no running from 2nd to home on a ground ball out or a bunt - in the majors the third base coach might hit you over the head with a bat for running through his stop sign!

5. In a save situation (as designated by MLB) ,you MUST use your designated closer that you have posted in the rotation page in the forums.

6.Starting pitchers can pitch a maximum of 10 innings in a single game. Any one relief pitchers can only pitch 7 innings in a 5 game set. After 5 games and you go through your rotation, all innings will be reset to 0 and the rule starts all over again.

7. Try your best to not to quick pitch, if your opponent has men on base, you have to at least give him a chance to take a lead. It also give you the pitcher a better chance to pick him off!

8.No bunting with 2 strikes! Lets keep the bunting realistic as well, for example..
Lets say i have 1st and 2nd and Prince Fielder is up YOU SHOULD NOT BE BUNTING! Prince Fielder would beat the **** out of his manager for asking him to do that!

9. If you are going to steal a base, you must continue toward the base that you are trying to steal, you can not go back or get caught in a rundown! The only time you can go back to a base is, if you leave the base and the pitcher hasn't thrown the ball to the plate. In that case run your *** off and try not to get caught!

10. If you are going to move a runner over via a sacrifice bunt, you must show bunt before the pitcher delivers the pitch.
11. You cannot bunt with your power hitters. Anyone with at least 75 power vs LHP or RHP and a speed rating of lower than 75 cannot bunt!!!!! As long as your player does not meet the 75 power condition, he can bunt.

12.Don't abuse the hit and runs. Players with 67 speed or lower should not be stealing or even attempting to steal.

13.A player must have 74 speed or higher to do a straight steal!!!

14.In cases of long extra inning games, when you bring in a long reliever the innings limit is no longer present for that long reliever in your current 5 game set.

15. The trade deadline for everyone is 35 games. At this point you can no longer trade for the rest of the season

16. A admin has the authority to revoke trades

17.Absolutely no cock-back power swinging.Meaning you cant sit there holding the swing stick back before the pitch is released to power swing.

18. No squeeze plays

19. You must warm up a reliever before bringing in a reliever.

20. You may not use your closer for more than one inning if it is a save situation. If it is not a save situation, your closer must follow the 7 inning per 5 days rule.

21. Your starter can pitch as many pitches as their expected pitch range says it can. To see the expected pitch range, hit start and look right below where it says your starter. It should show a range e.g. 95-115. You can pitch to the larger number if you wish, but that is the limit. No matter how many pitches you have thrown, you cannot go beyond 10 innings with your starter.

22. No complaining about things that are part of the game that do not go your way while you are in an xbox live party with your opponent. It's very distracting and annoying, It will not be tolerated.

23. Look at the settings before you challenge someone to a game. This ensures they are in effect when you play.

24. Only the home team should press start when the game is loading so you can set your lineups.

25. Quitting is not allowed under any circumstances. There's no mercy rule. If you quit for any reason, you will get the loss regardless of the score as a warning. If you quit again, you will be kicked from the league.

26. Server-error disconnects are not considered quitting. If it was early in the game and the score was tied, the game will be reset and re-played. If there was a 2 run difference early in the game, it is up to the discretion of the winning team whether he would like to continue or reset. An early game is defined as in the first 5 innings. After 5 complete innings, games should typically be simulated, but can be reset if the winning team wants to. To simulate a game, the home team should send a custom challenge to his opponent. Both teams should use long relievers to start the game. Innings accumulated in sim games do not count towards the innings limit. If the game disconnected in a 1-0 in the top of the 6th inning w/ 0 outs, a run will be given to the team that was winning and the game will continue as is. If the score remains the same through the remaining 4 innings, the winning team will be allowed to quit and receive the win.

27. 8 teams will make the playoffs. This is how I determine who makes the playoffs. The first thing I look for is how many games you've played. If you haven't played as many games as someone with a worse record, that will hurt your chances. If both of you have played a similar number of games, then I look at records as a tie-breaker. So play all of your games and you will be rewarded.

28. Trades must have a similar overall rating on both sides. That means no trading a 90 overall for a 70 something overall. If you want to trade for a 90 overall, make it a two player deal. An 85 and a 70 for a 90 and a 70 would be fine. The admin will disallow uneven trades. An uneven trade is one where the differential in overall rating is greater than or equal to 10. The admin has the right to revoke any trade at his discretion if he feels it ruins the competitiveness of the league.


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